Classic Candlewick and Matelasse woven Bedspreads, Coverlets and Shams by Maine Heritage Weavers.  Maine Heritage Weavers began with former Bates employees continuing the Bates tradition of style and quality their Candlewick (terry loop) bedspreads like Martha's Choice (George Washington) which are as popular now as they were when introduced over 60 years ago.  Matelasse, which means padded or cushioned, is the style of weaving that produces the quilted appearance of bedcovers popular from Colonial times.  Queen Elizabeth, Heritage, and Abigail Adams collections are the finest matelasses and are included in the "Loomed to be Heirloomed" collection. 

The George Washington Bedspread, known as Martha's Choice was originally chosen by our first President, General George Washington for his bride.  The original weave, older than Christianity, was lost when textile machinery replaced skilled weavers. These spreads were "made like they used to be" by Bates Fabrics who were able to recapture this lost weaving art and former employees continue this tradition today.  These spreads are made on Bates equipment in the Bates factory by former Bates Mills employees. 

The specifications used to make these bedspreads were a classic when your "grandma" had one and they are still classic today.

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